Walang makapaghihiwalay sa atin sa pag-ibig ni Cristo, kahit dumanas pa tayo ng mga pagsubok, paghihirap, pag-uusig, gutom, kawalan, panganib, o maging kamatayan.
Roma 8:35 ASND


An Open Letter to That Christian Lady I Secretly Adore


I am not really used to this kind of thing.

I am not the kind of man who just watches a lady worth knowing from afar. I am always making my intentions clear, always trying to make my purpose as pure and unadulterated as possible. But right now, I can’t. It’s not that I am afraid of rejection. It’s just… I don’t want to startle you. I don’t want you to think that I am trying to get close just because you’re pretty. Of course, you’re pretty, but your beautiful soul is actually what attracts me to you.

You fear God. You love your work—which is not very common today by the way—and your mom. You’re contented with who you are and most importantly, though life’s trials make you forget, you remind yourself that you’re secure in His love and nothing is even more prettier than a soul who loves…

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Real Gentlemanhood—Only Through Jesus


Be like Jesus.

Because you will never be an authentic gentleman without Jesus.

Be the guy who’s not fascinated with physical beauty or sexy body alone. Be the guy who has the courage to protect women from yourself when your sinfil nature kicks in.

Be the man who will show her that you will love her beyond the bedroom. Be that guy who has the patience to wait until marriage and not jump from one relationship to the other, or exchange her for someone because you want something that she cannot give at the moment.

Be the gentleman who will show her what romance is. Be the guy who will bring her flowers, chocolates and other cheap foods that she loves even if you already received her sweet “yes.” Be that guy who will affirm her not to lure her to your trap but so she will not forget how…

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The Dangers of “Love Yourself” Attitude


We see and hear a lot of advice saying: “You should love yourself.”

Whenever I hear people give that advice, I always wonder what they mean with “love yourself?”

Don’t get me wrong, I believe we should, at some degree, love ourselves. We should eat right, spend time with ourselves, take good care of our outward appearance, exercise, strive to reach our aspirations and etc. But I think most people use this advice to the extreme that it actually hurts them and their relationships. People most of the time, just think of themselves alone that it kills the intimacy in their relationships. Some people thinks of loving themselves too much that they shut other people out, thinking that they will only be hurt if they let other people in. Some love themselves too much that they hoard material things to the point that they are reluctant to share what they…

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Hindi naman talaga kita nakalimutan. Maari bang tuluyang mawala ang lahat ng meron tayo? Maari bang makalimutan kung paano natin napatunayan sa mundo na hindi lahat ng bago, masama? Maari bang hindi na ituloy ang kaisa-isang bagay na tumutulak sakin magpatuloy? Maari bang makalimot ang puso? Babalik ka rin. Alam ko, babalik ka rin. Alam ko na magkakaroon ulit ng […]

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